he’s going to fuck you up and you’re going to let him
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NatGeo is a troll.http://proud-atheist.tumblr.com


NatGeo is a troll.

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A kid was walking around school wearing this today and didn’t receive a single comment from administration.

Meanwhile, I was pulled over twice by them to mention how “incredibly short” my bottoms were.

Last time I checked, my shorts don’t reference blowjobs.

Quit sexualizing things that aren’t meant to be suggestive.

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Charles Bridge
Prague, Czech Republic | by Anthony Dell’Ario


Charles Bridge

Prague, Czech Republic | by Anthony Dell’Ario

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Anonymous: If you google image search "dark red hair", you're on the first page of results o:

siiiiiccckk! Yeah I get messages and tweets from friends on FB and twitter with links to all the random ass sites my photos end up on, mostly pintrest I’m like WTF photo thieves! But eh, I’m posting them on a public medium like the interwebs so I guess there isn’t much I can do about it haha